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Islamic State Says Airstrike Killed US Hostage, US Skeptical

Islamic State Says Airstrike Killed US Hostage, US Skeptical

The militants of the Islamic State announced the death of an American hostage.The U.S. government has not yet confirmed the death of 26-year-old Kyle Mueller.



Do these holy saints think that the rest of the world is going to believe all the crap they are saying now. It is only their tactics to distance US from Jordan. Bring them upon it Jordan and long live its King. Burn these ISIS cockroaches from their holes. Cowards, thugs and criminals. It is indeed a shame that the rest of the world cannot come together and bomb the place which they claim as their territory. For the good of the humanity and this world do it at the earliest.


Zvi Akiva 

Jordan is not much better than ISIS and if they bombed without coordinating with the US then they are responsible for American deaths. The Jordanian parliament had a moment of silence for the Palestinian terrorist that slit the throats of rabbis praying a few months back. How sick is that.



ISIS told Jordan that they would give the Jordanian pilot to them if they would release the woman failed suicide bomber Jordan had jailed.
What ISIS forgot to tell Jordan was that the pilot was long dead and killed in a most barbaric manner.

Why would anyone believe them now about the American woman being dead if they don't produce some real proof of that. It seems a wonderful opportunity for ISIS to blame Jordan for killing an American thinking America would get upset enough to --- do what? --- act against Jordan? Not likely.
Produce the proof she died in this bombing or believe one of two things. She has been dead for a while or she is being held somewhere else entirely.


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