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Obama weighs in on freedom of speech after Charlie Hebdo massacre

President Barack Obama bows his head toward the Dalai Lama as he was recognized during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Thursday, Feb. 5, ...

President Barack Obama isn't a Charlie Hebdo.

Obama, speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, offered a response of sorts to critics who accused him of turning his back on freedom of speech by skipping a massive demonstration that saw hundreds of thousands of people march in Paris under the slogan #JeSuisCharlie ("I am Charlie").



obama has done more for muhammad then any muslim has,next thing obama will do is tax the christian churches and then tax the head church and take away tax exemption from pastors and any body else that gets tax exemption.



Communism and our U.S.Congress are holding hands and together have placed you under their dictatorship. Is it true ? Of course it is. You are forced to accept Obama care. But your U.S. Congress Passed a law only fore themselves so they and their staff can't be forced to use it. Now is that Communism? Yes 100%. If you have a newer cell phone it tracks you 24-7 for law enforcement and you can't turn off the tracking unit in your phone even when you turn you cell off,Is that freedom? never. Its 100% communism. The cops are killing your children in the parks playing war game or cow boys and indians. And Killing your teens on the street along with adults for selling some cigarettes.

And the cops are acting like they are the new SS communism force, And they have been freely killing innocent people and just walking away from it. No prosecution of any kind. That is also communism pure and simple. And no one in the U.S.A has any privacy do to the GOP and the NSA along with the DEMs who have forced all of the above on you and your loved one. And keep in mind it was not some terrorist or some communist county that did this to you. It was the people you voted into office. Was it not? yes it was. With your freedom to vote you have all placed yourselves under communist dictators and kept them in office to remove what little you have left. It really make you people look totally stupid.


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